Copenhagen Flames is a newly established esports organization located in Denmark. Among other things, we are bringing the first professional Danish Overwatch team to life. The founder, Steffen Thomsen, has been heavily involved in esports, being the former Head of eOddset and host of eOddset TV. Steffen has a firm belief in the massive potential of the Danish esports scene, and the foundations of Copenhagen Flames were made of exactly this. He has a clear-cut vision for the future of the organization:

"I want to create an organization, which fans can gather around and feel passionate about. A Danish organization with a strong domestic foundation and a desire to drive Danish esports to new heights. A vision of a Danish team, who all Danes would want to support and cheer for.

Last but not least, I want the players to want to play for me. They should feel inspired and passionate about their team and the organization by being in the competitive yet cooperative and supportive environment, I create."