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Mon 20th Mar 2017 - 1:10pm Gaming

After parting ways with Pachoot, we've been looking long and hard for a proper replacement, and now, he's finally here. Marcus "Mauz" Bjørndal has been added to the roster. He will be the team's new hitscan, and we can't wait to start the hard work as a completed unit.

The team's coach, Kasper "Smokie" Johansen, believes that Mauz is the final piece to the puzzle and that we can expect a lot of great things to come from the team.

"We began the tryout period testing out Mauz alongside other players. To begin with, several players, including Mauz, proved to be really skilled, but ultimately, Mauz was the best fit for us. He synergizes well with the team, and his individual level is high," Smokie explains. 

In the meantime, the team made a couple of changes to the player positions, moving Henningsen to the role of main tank and naGGa to off-tank.

"Our position rotations made it possible for us to sign Mauz as hitscan. This completes the team in the most satisfying way possible. We're confident that our general level of play will rise and with this, great results will come for sure."

The key figure himself underlines that the familiarity he's had with the Copenhagen Flames from the very beginning was of great importance to him as he chose to try out for the position.

"I've been very impressed with the way that the organization has developed. When they offered me the spot, I accepted it immediately. The lineup was already strong as it was, so obviously, my expectations for what the future holds are great. I think each and every player has the necessary skill level as well as the right mentality to get far," Mauz states.


The roster:

Anders "Henningsen" Henningsen: Tank
Rasmus "Makaveli" Bo Foldsted Sørensen: DPS
Marcus "Mauz" Bjørndal: DPS/Flex
Philip "Watio" Nielsen: Flex Support
Simon "Hastrup" Hastrup Jensen: Main Support (Shotcaller)
Nikolai "naGGa" Dereli: Flex/Tank


We're beyond excited for the future. Welcome, Mauz!



Benjamin Boraghi

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