Status post-Copenhagen Games: CS:GO

Mon 24th Apr 2017 - 11:57am Gaming

It’s no secret that Copenhagen Games was far from the success we had hoped for it to be. We participated with both our CS:GO and Overwatch teams as well as our Hearthstone player, Janos. None managed to deliver satisfying results.

The CS:GO team had parted ways with in-game leader, Neon, just weeks before Copenhagen Games, thus being in a very precarious situation. We managed to get a deal with the Danish CS:GO star, Casper “cadiaN” Møller, making him a temporary solution and stand-in for the tournament.

The team spent four days prior to the event bootcamping at Ballerup Esport. It was some hard and exhausting couple of days, because the players had to learn and fix as much as possible. All in all, the bootcamp was a success.

The day before the official start of Copenhagen Games, the Danish Championship in CS:GO was held. We faced a tough opponent in the opening quarterfinals, Singularity, and although we made the series as close as they come, our adversary came out on top. A rough start to the event.

The next day, Copenhagen Games started and we swept the competition, winning all our games in both the group and in playoffs. One more playoff win and a spot in the Main Tournament would be secured. The following day, we played vs. iGame, the best team in Finland, and once more, we had to face the hard truth of getting beat with the closest of margins.

The loss was very hard to swallow for the players as they obviously had hoped to prove themselves versus the best teams at the tournament. It also meant that we had to play in the B tournament. Although the mood wasn’t the best to begin with, we showed true class and won every map for the rest of the day.

The good results and great play ended quickly on Saturday, as we lost twice in a row, first in the semifinals of the upper bracket and then in the semifinals of the lower one.

We’ve learned a lot from both the bootcamp and the two tourneys. It’s clear that we aren’t where we’re want to be, but we’ll get there with hard work and more experience.

Roster update

Casper “Celrate” Andersen has chosen to step down and look for new opportunities. We want to thank Casper for being with us. He’s a great guy and a fantastic player. He’ll land on his feet without a doubt.

This means that we’re now looking for two new players and permanent replacements. So far, we’ve been trying our BERRY and quiNz, and we’ll continue to monitor this situation for some time yet.





Benjamin Boraghi

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