Status post-Copenhagen Games: Hearthstone

Tue 25th Apr 2017 - 10:25am Gaming

It’s no secret that Copenhagen Games was far from the success we had hoped for it to be. We participated with both our CS:GO and our Overwatch team as well as our Hearthstone player, Janos. None managed to deliver satisfying results.

The expectations for Janos at Copenhagen Games were quite high. Both the organization and Janos himself expected a great performance and an impressive result. Unfortunately, the young player didn’t quite meet those expectations.

The tournament was played under the Swiss format. Each player had seven games to reach that magical top 16 spot, which would mean a qualification for the playoffs. Coming off a strong start, the rest of the games were intense and the results were swinging, not always in the way of Janos.

Janos ended at 17th, meaning that he just missed out on playoffs. A hard blow for everyone. On his way, Janos defeated some really tough opponents, but sadly, he dropped too many games to advance.


Roster update

Following Copenhagen Games and several months with inconsistent results and a somewhat troublesome working relationship, we’ve decided to part ways with Janos. This is not the end for him. Far from it. He’s a talented player with a lot of potential. We just weren’t the right match. We wish him the best of luck in the future.

We're not out of the Hearthstone scene. We'll continue to monitor the Danish scene, looking for new players and talent.





Benjamin Boraghi

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