Status post-Copenhagen Games: Overwatch

Thu 27th Apr 2017 - 12:58pm Gaming

The newest addition to the organization, our Overwatch team, also played at Copenhagen Games, and the results were mixed to say the least.

Going into the event, the team spent four days bootcamping alongside the CS:GO team at Ballerup Esport. Just prior to the bootcamp, former G2 manager and Splyce coach, Daniel Vorborg, joined our ranks as a temporary performance coach of the Overwatch team.

Daniel since worked hard with the team to help them improve on everything: communication, teamwork, strategies.

Although the bootcamp was a great success, we didn’t quite know what to expect at Copenhagen Games. The team was yet young and untested, and the competition was fierce with some of Europe’s very best teams attending.

We lost more than we won. But the defeats came from the hands of strong teams such as VIKINGS and Helsinki REDS, making them more understandable. With great team spirit and focus, we ended the tournament on a high-note, defeating another strong team, Ence.


Roster update

We gained a lot from both the bootcamp and Copenhagen Games. We got smarter about the game and about our communication. There’s no doubt about the players’ individual skillsets so now we just need to keep on working on everything teamwork related.

To make sure that we continue this upward-sloping curve, we’ve hired Kasper “FimFi” Lillegaard as the new coach of the team. FimFi’s a former player and coach of our old Overwatch team, and he has since had great success coaching Sørby eSport’s Overwatch team. We’re more than confident in his abilities to take us to new heights.





Benjamin Boraghi

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