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Thu 30th Mar 2017 - 6:00pm General


We are pleased to announce our brand-new partnership with the international law firm, Bird & Bird. We are both proud and honored to be among the partners of this esteemed and respected company. With more than 1.200 legal advisers around the world, and clients like Arsenal F.C and the English Football Association, we’ve partnered with one of the top law firms in the World.

As always, our aim is to better and help build the Danish esports scene, and as such this partnership, has a very distinct way of helping us achieve this goal.

We interviewed Lars Karnoe, Senior Counsel of Bird & Bird.

"Why have you partnered with the Copenhagen Flames?
The rise of eSports has been transformative to both the gaming and sports industries. In 2017, eSports is at a crucial stage in its development, with increasingly sophisticated professional leagues presenting a unique and compelling product to millions of fans. With such rapid development comes a number of challenges, such as how to effectively regulate the sport and the most appropriate means of commercializing it. As a firm unlike any other we believe we can help Copenhagen Flames to achieve the optimal profit of their presence in the esports industry.

Why have you chosen the Copenhagen Flames, and not another organisation?
Copenhagen Flames appears as a professional and interesting organization, that unlike many other organizations, have teams within different esport branches.

What do you expect of the partnership?
The cooperation gives us the opportunity to call attention to our Danish and International knowledge of the legal aspects of esports and related activities. At the same time it gives us the opportunity to continue to work with a hugely interesting industry that we, based on our very deep Tech & Comms sector knowledge, have an especially good base to service. Bird & Bird has for many years been top-ranked in Europe for legal advice in the IT sector by the widely recognized guide Chambers and we wish to work with companies that like us are ambitious and well reputed.

What can you offer esport teams and esport players?
Among others we offer advice on media and new media (including streamning) rights strategies and agreements, sponsorship agreements, player contracts, brand management, event organization, fundraising and corporate restructuring. Additionally we offer advice on Sports governance, drafting and enforcing rules and regulations, drafting and implementing anti-corruption and anti-doping policies, gambling regulatory advice and dispute resolution.

How will this cooperation benefit the Danish esport scene?
As a part of expanding the awareness of the services that we offer to the esports industry, we are in collaboration with Flames creating a hotline where players, teams and organizations have the opportunity to call for specific advice on their current legal issues. We also offer a free audit of player and sponsor contracts where we identify any possible problems that could arise out of the agreements. Bird & Bird naturally also offers traditional legal counseling, dispute resolution and litigation regarding all aspects of esports and related activities." 

We also got a comment from Steffen Thomsen, who is CEO and Owner of the Copenhagen Flames.

“This is obviously huge for us, as we’ve managed to attract a company as large and respected as Bird & Bird. We believe we’ve found a unique way of building an esports brand and every single partnership is further testament to that fact. With this coopereation we’ve again looked to create a way to benefit the growing and highly enthusiastic esports community in Denmark. Creating a hotline for legal counsel regarding esport contracts, has been very important to us, as I know firsthand how big of a challenge this can be, when new to the business.

Likewise, for players or esport athletes being introduced to the business side of things, for the first time. This creates both more knowledge as well as security for these players, not to mention their parents and the organisations.

I couldn’t be happier and look forward to working with our new partners, Bird & Bird. “



Kasper Schmidt Johansen

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